Multimedia Web Design and Development
Using Languages to Build Dynamic Web Pages

Paperback & DVD: 978 1 936420 38 4 / $54.95
Published: April 2013  

Lib E-Book: 978 1 937585 00 6 / $124.95  
About Library E-Book

Published: August 2012  

E-Book: 978 1 937585 02 0 / $34.95
Published: August 2012  

Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
350 pp., 7" x 9"
four-color throughout
This book/DVD package introduces the necessary steps and stages of planning a modern multimedia Web site. It includes both the design and development aspects for novices and a complete plan to get you started with the core technologies and techniques for professional Web design on a freelance or organizational basis. The text also covers the current languages e.g., HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PERL, PHP, and mySQL, that are needed to construct dynamic content on the Web and milestones for getting it into the hands of your clients sooner.

  • Provides a complete guide for developers and designers to see both front-end and back-end design elements
  • Uses various languages e.g., HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PERL, PHP, and mySQL to maximize efficiency of modern and dynamic Web pages
  • Uses design principles and best practices from an experienced freelance Web designer and instructor
  • Includes language examples for self-study and challenging activities for expanding design and development; instructor’s resources available for use as a textbook

  • Table of Contents:
    1) Basics of Web Design
    2) Site Planning and Production
    3) Introduction to HTML
    4) HTML
    5) CSS 3
    6) JavaScript
    7) PERL and PHP
    8) mySQL