Artificial Intelligence Problems and Their Solutions

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Published: April 2014  

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Published: April 2014  

Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
300 pp., 6" x 9"
This book lends insight into solving some well-known AI problems using the most efficient methods by humans and computers. The book discusses the importance of developing critical-thinking methods and skills, and develops a consistent approach toward each problem: 1) a precise description of a well-known AI problem coupled with an effective graphical representation; 2) discussion of possible approaches to solving each problem; 3) identifying and presenting the best known human solution to each problem; 4) evaluation and discussion of the Human Window aspects for the best solution; 5) a playability site where students can exercise the process of developing their solutions, as well as “experiencing” the best solution; 6) code or pseudo-code implementing the solution algorithm, and 7) academic references for each problem. Features:
  • Addresses AI problems well known to computer science and mathematics students from a number of perspectives
  • Covers classic AI problems such as Twelve Coins, Red Donkey, Cryptarithms, Rubik’s Cube, Missionaries/Cannibals, Knight’s Tour, Monty Hall, and more
  • Includes a companion CD-ROM with source code, solutions, figures, and more
  • Includes playability sites where students can exercise the process of developing their solutions
  • Describes problem-solving methods which may be applied to many problem situations

  • Table of Contents:
    1) Introduction
    2) Problem Solving
    3) The Missionaries and Cannibals Problem
    4) The 12 Coins Problem
    5) Cryptarithms
    6) The Red Donkey Puzzle
    7) The 15 Puzzle
    8) The Knight’s Tour Problem
    9) Mastermind
    10) The Monty Hall Problem
    11) Rubik’s Cube
    12) The Prisoner’s Dilemma
    13) Miscellaneous Problems
    14) Conclusion

    On The CD-ROM: Appendices A-D

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