Industrial Automation and Robotics
An Introduction

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Published: November 2016  

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Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
400 pp., 7" x 9"
The purpose of this book is to present an introduction to the multidisciplinary field of automation and robotics for industrial applications. The companion files include numerous video tutorial projects and a chapter on the history and modern applications of robotics. The book initially covers the important concepts of hydraulics and pneumatics and how they are used for automation in an industrial setting. It then moves to a discussion of circuits and using them in hydraulic, pneumatic, and fluidic design. The latter part of the book deals with electric and electronic controls in automation and final chapters are devoted to robotics, robotic programming, and applications of robotics in industry.

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* Begins with introductory concepts on automation, hydraulics, and pneumatics
* Covers sensors, PLC's, microprocessors, transfer devices and feeders, robotic sensors, robotic grippers, and robot programming

Table of Contents:
1) Automation
2) Basic Laws and Principles
3) Basic Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems
4) Pumps and Compressors
5) Fluid Accessories
6) Cylinders and Motors
7) Control Valves
8) Circuits
9) Pneumatic Logic Circuits
10) Fluidics
11) Electrical and Electronic Controls
12) Transfer Devices and Feeders
13) Robotics
14) Robotic Sensors
15) Robot End Effectors
16) Robot Programming
17) Applications
18) Robots Using Real-Time Embedded Systems.
History and Modern Applications of Robotics.

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Reviews & Endorsements:
"Industrial Automation and Robotics provides a basic but technical introduction to the field of robotics in industrial applications, and covers the basic mechanical and electrical concepts involved and how they are used in automation. Chapters survey physics laws and basic principles of operation, closely inspect circuitry and fluidics, and add information on the programming and operations of robots. Packed with technical discussions and an attention to an overview that is clear and definitive, Industrial Automation and Robotics is recommended as a basic introduction for any novice entering the field."
- The Technology Shelf, The Bookwatch , Midwest Book Review