Game Testing
All in One
Edition: 3

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Published: October 2016  

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Published: October 2016  

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Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
500 pp., 7" x 9"
An updated version of the bestselling Game Testing All In One, Second Edition, this book equips the reader with the rationale for vigorous testing of game software, how game testing and the tester fit into the game development process, practical knowledge of tools to apply to game testing, game tester roles and responsibilities, and the measurements to determine game quality and testing progress. The reader is taken step-by-step through test design and other QA methods, using real game situations. The book includes content for the latest console games and the new crop of touch, mobile, and social games that have recently emerged. A companion DVD contains the tools used for the examples in the book and additional resources such as test table templates and generic flow diagrams to get started quickly with any game test project. Each chapter includes questions and exercises, making the book suitable for classroom use as well as a personal study or reference tool.


* Uses a wide range of game titles and genres, including newer gaming experiences such as social networking games, games utilizing music and motion controllers, and touch games on mobile devices
* Includes a new chapter on Exploratory Testing
* Includes test methodology tutorials based on actual games with tools that readers can use for personal or professional development
* Demonstrates methods and tools for tracking and managing game testing progress and game quality
* Features a companion DVD with templates, resources, and projects from the book

On the DVD:

* Contains the tools used for the examples in the book as well as additional resources such as test table templates and generic flow diagrams that can be used for individual or group projects
* All images from the text (including 4-color screenshots)
* FIFA video from a project in the book

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Table of Contents:
1. Two Rules of Game Testing.
2. Being a Game Tester.
3. Why Testing is Important.
4. Software Quality.
5. The Test Process.
6. Testing by the Numbers.
7. Combinatorial Testing.
8. Test Flow Diagrams.
9. Cleanroom Testing.
10. Test Trees.
11. Play Testing & Ad Hoc Testing.
12. Defect Triggers
13. Capture / Playback Testing.

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