Ocean Instrumentation, Electronics, and Energy

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Published: November 2017  

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Published: November 2017  

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Published: September 2017  

Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
450 pp., 7" x 9"
This book provides a comprehensive overview of ocean electronics, energy conversion, and instrumentation. As remote (satellite) sensing becomes increasingly important, this text provides readers with a solid background of wireless sensor networks and image-processing for oceans and ocean-related energy issues.


* Focuses on wind energy, ocean wave, ocean tidal, and ocean thermal energy conversion

* Discusses the measurements of ocean monitoring parameters such as ocean color, sediment monitoring methods, surface currents, surface wind waves, wave height and wind speed, sea surface temperature, upwelling, wave power and the ocean floor

* Discusses sensors like scanner sensor systems, weather satellites sensors, synthetic aperture radar sensors, marine observation satellite(MOS) sensors, micro sensors for monitoring ocean acidification

* Includes material on underwater acoustics and underwater communication

* Assesses the environmental impact of generating energy from the ocean

* Explores the design of applications of marine electronics and oceanographic instruments