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Published: May 2018  

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Published: May 2018  

Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
This digital collection of twelve book length titles encompasses all of the major subject areas of physics. All twelve titles are combined into one easily downloadable file and are fully-searchable in a Web.pdf, bookmarked, file format. Titles include electromagnetism, particle physics, quantum mechanics, theory of relativity, mathematical methods for physics, computational physics, electrical engineering experiments, multiphysics modeling, solid state physics, radio astronomy, Newtonian mechanics, and physics lab experiments.


• Includes 12 full length book titles in one, fully searchable, Web.pdf file
• Each book title is preceded by a descriptive page with overview and features
• All titles include the complete front matter, text, and end matter from the original printed version
• Over 5000 pages of physics information in one file
• Complete file downloads in less than two minutes

Particle Physics. Robert Purdy, PhD
Mathematical Methods for Physics Using MATLAB and Maple. J. Claycomb, PhD
The Special Theory of Relativity. Dennis Morris, PhD
Computational Physics. Darren Walker, PhD
Quantum Mechanics. Dennis Morris, PhD
Basic Electromagnetic Theory. James Babington, PhD
Physics Lab Experiments. Matthew M. J. French, PhD
Newtonian Mechanics. Derek Raine, PhD
Solid State Physics. David Schmool, PhD
Multiphysics Modeling Using COMSOL5 and MATLAB. R. Pryor, PhD
Radio Astronomy. S. Joardar, PhD
Electrical Engineering Experiments. G.P. Chhalotra, PhD

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