Heat Transfer Modelling Using COMSOL
Slab to Radial Fin

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Published: July 2018  

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Published: August 2018  

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Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
272 pp., 7" x 9"
Fins have been used historically as reliable design features for thermal management, which continues to be an important problem in engineering today. This book develops heat transfer models for progressively complex fin designs. Mathematicians, engineers, and analysts may equally benefit from the content as it provides the reader with numerical and analytical tools to approach general and thermal management heat transfer problems. The main focus is on the COMSOL® Multiphysics Heat Transfer module; however, the fundamentals may be applied to other commercial packages such as ANSYS® and AbaqusTM. The content can be utilized in a variety of engineering disciplines including mechanical, aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, and electrical, etc.


+Includes numerous example models that enable the reader to implement conceptual material in practical scenarios with broad industrial applications
+Uses COMSOL Multiphysics® version 5.3 in combination with the Heat Transfer Module to set up and carry out the numerical analysis for the models presented in the book
+Presents mathematical methods related to the problems
+Includes a companion disc with models and custom apps created with COMSOL Application Builder (available by emailing info @ merclearning.com with proof of purchase if e-version)

Table of Contents:
1: Heat Transfer through the Ages. 2: Extended Surfaces. 3: Conservation of Energy. 4: Finite Element Analysis. 5: Sensitivity Analysis. 6: Fin Geometries. 7: COMSOL Multiphysics-Extended Surfaces: Thermal Case Study. 8: Fin with Rectangular Cross Section. 9: Fin with Circular Cross Section.10: Side-Rectangular Fin with Triangular Cross Section. 11: Side-Triangular Fin with Rectangular Cross Section. 12: Side-Concave Fin with Rectangular Cross Section. 13: Side-Convex Fin with Rectangular Cross Section. 14: Side-Concave-Trapezoidal Fin with Rectangular Cross Section. 15: Pin Fin with Circular Cross Section. 16: Radial Fin with Hyperbolic Profile. 17: Webbed Radial Fin with Hyperbolic Profile (Duckling Radial Fin). 18: Forced Convective Webbed Radial Fin with Hyperbolic Profile (Not the Ugly Ducking). 19: Mathematical Methods to Solve Heat and Wave Problems. 20: Lean Six Sigma Implementation. 21: Good Practices. 22: Case Studies: FEM Models and Applications. Appendices. Index.