Wireless Sensor Networks
An Introduction

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Published: May 2018  

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Published: April 2018  

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Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
500 pp., 7" x 9"
Wireless Sensor Networks is an essential guide for anyone interested in wireless communications for sensor networks, home networking, or device hacking.It covers a large number of topics encountered in the architecture, application, and recent advancements of a wireless sensor network, including hardware and software architectures, the Internet of Things, routing and security, MANETs, MEMS, Zigbee, TDMA, securing networks for Wi-Fi, ubiquitous sensor networks, underwater, mobile, and multimedia wireless networks.


• Includes a wide range of applications to industry, science, transportation, civil infrastructure, and security
• Covers the Internet of Things (IoT), MEMS, Zigbee, TDMA, mobile wireless networks, and more
• Features article on securing networks for Wi-Fi by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity Engineering

Table of Contents:
Wireless Sensor Networks
Node Hardware Architecture.
Software Architectures of WSN.
Wireless Body Sensor Network (BSN).
Ubiquitous Sensor Network (USN).
Underwater Wireless Sensor Network (UWSN)
Internet of Things (WSN)
Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSN).
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Manets).
Routing and Security in WSN.
Appendix A. Securing Networks for WiFi
Appendix B. Abbreviations