Turning Script to Motion

E-Book: 978 1 936420 80 3 / $35.95
Published: March 2011  

Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
350 pp., 7" x 9"
This text is designed to demonstrate the process of converting static images to an effective animation of characters and effects. Unlike many of its competitors, Storyboarding uses the accompanying DVD to show the storyboards in conjunction with a final short film and script. The text and tutorial disc take an in-depth view on the step-by-step process for developing characters, scenes, and camera angles through the full production of a finished project. The book includes numerous techniques for analyzing scripts, provides a comprehensive look at the various types of storyboards, and covers methods used in both film-making and video game storyboards.

Table of Contents:
1) Introduction to Storyboarding
2) Types of Storyboarding
3) The Terminology
4) New Technology and Practices in Storyboarding
5) The Project Introduction
6) Analyzing the Script
7) Drawing the Boards
8) Production
9) Conclusion and References

About the Accompanying DVD Project