Financial Accounting
ERP ECC6, R/3 4.70

Paperback: 978 1 937585 64 8 / $49.95
Published: February 2013  

Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
350 pp., 7" x 9"
The book explains the important concepts / terms used in FI, provides you with several consulting, configuration, and usage tips on a variety of application components within FI. Separate chapters on SAP FI Tables and SAP FI Transaction Codes will help you navigate this complex software! This book will be an invaluable guide to everyone in the SAP community: beginners, end-users, programmers, and trainers.
  • Features an easy-to-understand “Q & A” format with configuration / consulting / usage tips
  • Includes screen-shots from SAP ERP (ECC 6.0), separate chapters on SAP FI Transaction Codes and SAP FI Tables
  • Uses over 450 questions, 200 screen shots and illustrations, 430 FI transactions, and 195 SAP FI tables to help master this complex software

  • Table of Contents:
    1) Organizational Units & Basic Settings
    2) General Ledger (FI-GL)
    3) General Ledger Accounting (New)
    4) Accounts Payable (FI-A/P) & Accounts Receivable (FI-A/R)
    5) Bank Accounting (FI-BL)
    6) Asset Accounting (FI-AA)
    7) Lease Accounting (FI-LA)
    8) Travel Management (FI-TV)
    9) SAP FI Tables
    10) SAP FI Transaction Codes
    11) Tables
    12) Index