Environmental Audits

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Published: October 2012  

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Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
300 pp., 7" x 9"
Designed for business managers, environmental health and safety (EHS) personnel, and environmental engineers, this book can be used as a textbook or an industrial guidance reference on conducting environmental audits across all industries. It explains the audit process, from planning, to the actual audit, to the evaluation of results and necessary corrections. The primary emphasis is on condensing the numerous volumes of environmental laws, rules, and regulations into a brief and understandable series of questions. These audits also contain checklists for source reduction, waste minimization, reuse, and recycling before waste disposal. The audits will also encompass water, air, solid waste, remediation, chemical and petroleum bulk storage, and many health and safety requirements.


• Includes a CD containing the USEPA multi-media checklists across all programs
• Condenses numerous volumes of environmental laws, rules, and regulations into an understandable series of questions
• Provides a supplement on how to deal with environmental regulatory inspectors

Table of Contents:
1. Summary of Environmental Regulations.
2. Determining Necessary and Proper Audit Scope Of Work.
3. Planning an Audit.
4. Who Should Conduct the Audit?
5. Conducting the Audit.
6. Writing the Audit Report.
7. Reviewing the Audit Findings And Correcting.
8. Selecting Corrective Actions.
9. Revising Business Plan and Procedures.
Appendix A. Available Guidance.
Appendix B. USEPA Regulations.
Appendix C. USEPA Hazardous Waste Compliance Checklists.
Appendix D. Regulatory Differences By Program From State To State.