Video Game Addiction

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Published: January 2018  

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Published: January 2018  

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Series: MyModernHealth FAQs
A New Mexico woman, occupied for weeks with playing online games, was convicted of second-degree murder and child abandonment after allowing her three and a half-year-old daughter to die of malnutrition and dehydration. A Philadelphia man was convicted of third-degree murder for killing his 17-month old daughter in a rage over a broken Xbox. In 2005, one study estimated that 40% of the players of World of Warcraft, were addicted. Unfortunately, the number of these addictions is growing exponentially in most countries.

This book addresses the history, symptoms, causes, and available treatment for "video game overuse." It examines numerous case studies and provides resources from several countries including the US, China, South Korea, and the UK.

• Questions and answers about the medical definition/description of the condition; the source/causes; details of symptoms; available cure/treatment; and societal issues or public opinion such as legal issues, social/psychological ramifications, etc.
• Case studies from both the physician and patient perspectives
• Animations, figures, and photos to support, explain topics under discussion. In electronic versions these items are integrated as hyperlinks and “pop-ups” throughout the text
• Resources including Web sites, articles, blogs, and books that offer additional information on each subject

Table of Contents:
1: What are video games?
2: How are video games categorized?
3: What is the history of video games?
4: How are video games played?
5: What are the characteristics of video gamers?
6: What is video game addiction?
7: Why are video games addictive?
8: How can you protect against video game addiction?
9: What are the benefits of playing video games?
10: Treating video game addiction.
11: Life after video game addiction.