Microsoft Excel 2016 Programming Pocket Primer

Paperback: 978 1 942270 82 9 / $29.95
Published: April 2016  

Lib E-Book: 978 1 68392 339 8 / $74.95  
About Library E-Book

Published: April 2016  

E-Book: 978 1 944534 48 6 / $19.95
Published: March 2016  

Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
260 pp., 6" x 9"
Series: Pocket Primer
As part of the Pocket Primer series, this book was designed for someone like you who needs to master Excel programming fundamentals without spending too much time. All you need is a short book to get you started. It will show you only the things you need to know to feel at home with VBA. What you learn in this book on Excel programming will also apply to other programming, for example, Access. The book is divided into nine chapters that progressively introduce you to programming Microsoft Excel 2016.


• Includes a companion disc with all of the hands-on files needed to complete the chapter projects and all the images from the text

• Introduces you to programming Microsoft Excel 2016

Table of Contents:
1. Excel Macros.
2. Excel Programming Environment.
3. Excel VBA Fundamentals.
4. Excel VBA Procedures.
5. Adding Decisions to Excel VBA Programs.
6. Adding Repeating Actions to Excel VBA Programs.
7. Storing Multiple Values in Excel VBA Programs.
8. Keeping Track of Multiple Values in Excel VBA Programs.
9. Excel Tools for Testing and Debugging.

Reviews & Endorsements:
"Overall this is a handy quick introduction to VBA in Excel."
- iProgrammer