Industrial Engineering Foundations
Bridging the Gap between Engineering and Management

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Published: December 2016  

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Published: December 2016  

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Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
250 pp., 7" x 9"
This book covers the important elements of industrial engineering that all engineers need to know in order to become effective in their day-to-day activities. It explores basic topics such as scheduling, quality control, forecasting, and queueing theory. Other topics include paving a path to production control, engineering and its management, and the operational aspects of manufacturing and service industries. The reader will learn to apply these principles and tools, not only to initiate improvements in their places of work, but also to pave career path to management and positions with higher levels of responsibility and decision-making. This invaluable resource is a professional book for all engineers and an all-in-one refresher reference for industrial engineers.


•Emphasizes scheduling and sequencing of operations and quality control

•Includes cases from various engineering disciplines and tailored to the field, such as manufacturing plants and service industries

•Exposes the reader to the basic concepts of a range of topics in industrial engineering and demonstrates how and why the application of such concepts can be effective in improving efficiency and productivity in both start-up companies and large corporations

Table of Contents:
1 Introduction.
2 Organizational Structure.
3 Manufacturing Systems.
4 Classification and Coding.
5 Sequencing and Scheduling of Operations.
6 Forecasting.
7 Statistical Quality Control.
8 Facility Location.
9 System Reliability.
10 Queueing Theory.
11 Application of Principles.
Appendices. Bibliography. Index.