Software Testing
A Self-Teaching Introduction

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Published: February 2018  

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Published: February 2018  

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Published: February 2018  

Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
660 pp., 7" x 9"
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This overview of software testing provides key concepts, case studies, and numerous techniques to ensure software is reliable and secure. Using a self-teaching format, the book covers important topics such as black, white, and gray box testing, video game testing, test point analysis, automation, and levels of testing. Includes end-of-chapter multiple-choice questions / answers to increase mastering of the topics.


• Includes case studies, case tools, and software lab experiments
• Covers important topics such as black, white, and gray box testing, test management, automation, levels of testing,
• Covers video game testing
• Self-teaching method includes numerous exercises, projects, and case studies

Table of Contents:
1: Introduction to Software Testing.
2: Software Verification and Validation.
3: Black Box (Functional) Testing Techniques.
4: White Box (Structural) Testing Techniques.
5: Gray Box Testing.
6: Reducing the Number of Test Cases.
7: Levels of Testing.
8: Object-Oriented Testing.
9: Automated Testing.
10: Test Point Analysis (TPA).
11: Testing Your Web Sites.
12: Regression Testing of a Relational Database.
13: Case Study on Testing of E-Learning Management Systems.
14: The Game Testing Process.
15: Basic Game-Testing Plan Template.

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