Regular Expressions
Pocket Primer

Paperback: 978 1 68392 227 8 / $34.95
Published: June 2018  

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Published: June 2018  

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Published: June 2018  

Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
190 pp., 6" x 9"
Series: Pocket Primer
As part of the bestselling Pocket Primer series, the goal of this book is to introduce readers to regular expressions in several technologies. It is intended for data scientists, data analysts, and others who want to understand regular expressions to perform various tasks. You will acquire an understanding of how to create an assortment of regular expressions, such as filtering data for strings containing uppercase or lowercase letters; matching integers, decimals, hexadecimal, and scientific numbers; and context-dependent pattern matching expressions. It includes REs with Python, R, bash, Perl, Java, and more. Companion files with source code are available for downloading from the publisher.

• Uses REs with Python, R, bash, Java, and more
• Packed with realistic examples and numerous commands
• Assumes the reader has no prior experience, but the topic is covered comprehensively enough to teach a pro some new tricks
• Includes companion files with all of the source code examples (download from the publisher)

(available from the publisher for downloading)
• Source code samples

Table of Contents:
1: Introduction to Regular Expressions.
2: Common Regex Tasks.
3: REs in Python.
4: Working with REs in R.
5: Working with REs in bash.
Appendix A. REs in Perl.
Appendix B. REs in Java.