Photoshop Elements 2018
From Novice to Expert

Paperback & CD-ROM: 978 1 68392 233 9 / $54.95
Due: October 2018  

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E-Book: 978 1 68392 234 6 / $31.95
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Publisher: Mercury Learning & Information
400 pp., 7" x 9"
Designed for all photographers from enthusiasts to professionals, this book provides readers with easy to follow, building-block style learning of Photoshop Elements 2018 through hands on projects working in both its Organizer and Photo Editor workspaces. Divided into two parts using the files supplied or your own, Part One will teach you to easily import, sort, and find your photographs working in the Elements Organizer. When working in Part Two, the Elements Photo Editor, topics include understanding resolution, using Camera Raw, a variety of color and image correction techniques, selection, layers, plus many tricks of the trade, and ways to share photographs both in print and online. Through projects using each of its modes: Quick, Guided, and Expert, you will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the Photo Editor, allowing you later to choose the mode best suited to your working style and project requirements.


• Divided into two parts with each dedicated to one of the Photoshop Elements 2018 workspaces, this book enables readers to focus their learning on one workspace or both

• Project photographs are supplied for each chapter to guide readers through the learning process

• Additional supplementary projects and images are provided with each chapter

• Helpful tips and notes in each chapter help to maximize and streamline learning

• Includes a companion DVD with project files and all the figures from the text

Table of Contents:
Part One: Working in the Elements Organizer
1: Bringing in Your Photographs
2: Easy Ways to Sort, Search, and Find Your Photographs.

Part Two: Working in the Elements Photo Editor
3: Basics for All Editing Modes.
4: Basics of the Expert Mode.
5: Applying Color and Tonal Corrections.
6: Adding and Transforming Content.
7: Removing Content from Your Photographs.
8: Using the Photo Editor for Photograph Restoration.
9: Adding Special Effects to Your Photographs.
10: Tricks of the Trade.
11: Sharing Your Photographs.
12: Applying Your Expertise.